Most primary care doctors are expected to take care of somewhere between 1,500 and 3,000 patients (if not more). We think that's unreasonable. We believe that the only way to provide excellent care to know each patient as a person, not a 15 minute appointment. Sequoia MD is designed around the idea of allowing us to get to know you. Its the only way we know that we can take good care of you.


Time with your doctor

Good care takes time— there are no two ways about it. Explaining what is going on, and taking the time to answer questions, are fundamental to high quality care. Goodbye, "We don't have time for that." Hello, "Is there anything else?"

Access to your doctoR

How much access, you ask? How much access do you need? We are here when you need it, whenever that may be.

Same day and next day scheduling

Because we take care of fewer patients, you can get in on short notice. You won’t be “squeezed in” because our model of care makes you a priority— always.

House Calls

Sometimes, you can’t make it into the office, and a home visit would be a better way to get you the care you need. In those cases, we can come to you. Yes, really. House calls are included too.


Email, text, webcam, telephone. Get care care on your terms, from someone you know and trust. Healthcare, meet modern life.

Diagnostic Tests and Procedures

Yes, that’s included too. Lesion removal, biopsies, pap smears… the list of procedures we do in the office is long, and is constantly growing. Plus, if we need to send something off for further analysis, we have negotiated great rates for those testing services.

Labs and Medications

We get them wholesale, and pass the savings on to you. Oftentimes, buying from us is cheaper than using insurance. Want to use your insurance to pay for medications or labs? You can do that too.


We partner with you to to meet your goals, which is why we are completely transparent about our offerings, cost, and practices. Can’t figure out how to read the latest EOB from your insurance company? Yeah, we can’t figure it out either. With Sequoia MD, you will know upfront what things cost in clear, transparent terms.