Election Day

Today is Election Day, which means I hope you going out to cast your vote.

One of the challenges we face (and which is reflected in our politics) is a lack of community. The importance of having community I have brought up with many of my patients, and it is particularly relevant today. While we all have our opinions (sometimes the same, sometimes different, sometimes strongly held, sometimes not), we all share a need for human connection.

There is an ongoing study out of Harvard that examines the effect of community on our health. One of the most important findings from it is how loneliness (the lack of community), is directly detrimental to our health. In the words of the study’s lead investigator, “Loneliness is Lethal.” You can see a great talk on it here.

So, when you vote today, say hello to the people who are also waiting in line. When you get home, chat with the neighbor. Community is not created overnight, but perhaps today is a good day to start.