New Faces

I am excited to announce that I am hiring a nurse practitioner to join me at Sequoia MD. Kristen brings energy, passion for great care, experience, and kindness to the team, and will be a wonderful addition to the office. 

Kristen’s hire strengthens the core pillars of what this practice is about— a long term relationship with your doctor, availability when you need it, a caring place to come when things are not going well, and a place to get your needs met. 

For the first few weeks she is in the office, she will be spending a lot of time spending time with me during appointments, and learning the ins- and outs- of how the office works. Since the practice has opened, I have been frustrated that I have no one available in the office on the days I am out. That will no longer be the case. 

Lastly, a word or reassurance. I know in a lot of offices, nurse practitioners are hired to make it more difficult to see the doctor. I want to be very explicit that her hire represents a great addition to the team taking care of you, not a gatekeeper to prevent you from seeing me. You can never have too many people on your side, and I hope that with time, she will be as helpful to you as I am.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.