Progress Not Perfection

All day, I talk to patients about the idea of making progress, even if not arriving at perfection. Well, today in the office, we ran out of mailer bags, the bags we put medicine in when we ship it to patients.

We are all creatures of habit, and tend to continue with whatever we are doing. But I wondered, was there a better way to ship medications? Turns out, you can buy these mailers from 100% recycled plastic. Well, why not?

You might this is a small thing (it is!), you might think this is a silly thing to write about (and it is!), but I also think it’s an important reflection on making small changes, one at a time, to make the world a better place. So, from here on out, we will be using recycled plastic mailers. One small improvement, every day, adds up to big change over time. Its another way we practice what we preach.