Unhappiness follows happiness. Happiness follows unhappiness. (plus, summer updates)

As many of you know, Doris has largely moved on from Sequoia MD. Doris had been with me for several years. She will be heading back to school, and I know will be a fantastic nurse when she completes her training. Her presence will be missed. We are very sad to see her go, and wish her well in her next endeavor.

The good news is that Ruby Zepeda Flores is starting with us this week. Ruby is an excellent medical assistant, and I have known her for years. She will be in the office more than Doris was, and will be working on many of the same types of tasks Doris helped with— answering the phone, helping to organize care and outside imaging, and taking vital signs. Ruby brings a long history of work in the medical field, and has a strong background in mental healthcare as well. The next time you are in, please introduce yourself!

Lastly, as a reminder to some patients, and new news to others, I will be out of the office a fair bit over the summer. As many of you know, I am the medical director for DYF, a fantastic organization that works with kids and families impacted by type 1 diabetes. I will in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park for some extended periods over the summer. I’ll email out exact dates. I will be reachable, but it will be slower than normal. What is exciting (to me at least) is that this summer I will have a great team in the office, and hopefully things will be less disrupted than in years past.