For Families

With the patient's permission, families are welcome to attend appointments. Family members often have questions about medications, or need help understanding addiction-- this interest is welcomed and encouraged. Moreover, because family dynamics and addiction are often intertwined, having family members participate in recovery can lead better resolution for both the patient, and those who care for him/her.

Addiction does not just affect the individual-- one person's struggle with addiction deeply affects nearby loved ones. Watching your family struggle with something so difficult is one of the most difficult things you ever experience. Because addiction is often a recurring problem, the feeling of "here we go again" can be extremely difficult to sit with.

While that treatment must ultimately be driven by the patient, family members, friends, and even co-workers often play a key role in helping with the recovery process. Often, people come into treatment because of family pressure, but stay in treatment for themselves. Your help in getting your loved one started with treatment is an important step towards recovery.